My name is Denise Munoz, and I am a software engineer in the San Diego region getting a Masters in Science in Cyber Security Engineering. I am always working on software projects, trying to explore the latest and greatest technologies on everything from mobile to desktop development to cyber security . I am especially passionate about working with big data and databases, and I would be happy to have the opportunity to work for your company.

      Through relevant experience as well as academia, I have gained several years of experience in C++, C# , C, and Assembly Language. For my web experience I have worked with .NET, XAML, JavaScript, HTML.For other experience I have worked with OracleSQL ,XAML, Xamarin(cross platform apps),Visual Studio, Unity(game engine), MATLAB and so on.I have also gained experience through my Masters in cybersecurity with tools such as  Wireshark, Kali Linux, DISA STIG viewer, OpenVas and more security vulnerability and penetration testing tools.

     I’m currently learning Java for the software development company I intern for. I been working at for about 3 months developing apps for mobile devices/ desktops primarily in android.I was able to add previous projects I had worked including my classy app from my software engineering class where I learned how to make my own database to adding my game programming game so that viewers to my website could play.

     I would love to get the opportunity to speak more with you about how I would be a good fit for your company.If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and feel free to look at any of my links above for more information.Thank you for your consideration.